Uniform Guide

This guide relates to the Uniform SOP/SOG as to what a member is required to wear to meet minimum uniform requirements.

Company Provided:    (Required)
  • Jersey / Track Attire / Polo Uniform Top
  • Visor / Hat / Winter Hat (Annual uniform order)
  • Name Badge / ID Badge  
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Stethoscope, Pen Lights, Trauma Scissors (Provided inside the ambulance and are not for your uniform or outside use)
Member Provided:  (Required)
  • Approved EMT Pants / EMT Shorts (Navy / Black)
  • EMT Boots / Approved Black Shoes
  • Trauma Scissors
  • *Stethoscope
  • *Pen Light
  • *Misc Tools  (Think Tom's Pants)
* Items not required for duty outside the ambulance.
Prohibited Attire:  (On duty)
  • Logo T's or Sweatshirts
  • Attire with inappropriate verbiage or profanity.
  • Torn or tattered clothing (shirt, pants, shoes)
  • Beer or Alcohol advertisements,  (shirts, hats, etc)
  • Other EMS attire. ie: "Service Name EMS"
  • Carhartt jackets, bibs or "work gear" (black or navy considered.)
  • Camouflage, mossy oak or turn out gear. 
  • Running shoes, rain boots, inappropriate footwear. 

Members are provided a uniform allowance on an annual basis. 

  • 2 Action Sports EMS Navy T-Shirts  / 1 GLEMS Polo (For IFT Use)

  • 1 Action Sports Navy Sweatshirt

  • 1 Visor, Baseball Hat, or Winter Hat 

  • 1 ID Badge

  • Attendance of 5 events required to qualify. 

Uniform orders take place in January and will be delivered by Feb 28.

Additional attire can be purchased at cost on the staff apparel catalog 

Hand delivery is free, any shipping is to be paid by the member.

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