High octane gas only.

Rigid all weather roof

Shatterproof windshield

Seats 5 total

4 Wheel Drive

Automatic transmission

4000lb winch with remote.

Fold in floor rear seats.

Dump bed

2 Inch receiver hitch

Transmission is fully automatic, place the machine in DRIVE or REVERSE the press the accelerator.  Make sure vehicle is fully stopped before changing from Drive to Reverse. 

2 Wheel Drive - Normal daily operation on dry ground.

4 Wheel Drive - Shift on the fly as needed for wet, muddy or slick surfaces. All four wheels grip and send power right to left as needed.

Diff. Lock - Extreme terrain  

All four wheels get equal power.  

WARNING:  Diff. Lock makes the vehicle very difficult to turn and maneuver.  This mode should not be used under normal track conditions even at a "mud event"


Do not engage 4wd when the wheels are spinning.


Machine must be STOPPED before shifting into Diff. Lock.

Watch for indicator on instrument cluster to illuminate. 

Rear Seats-  (Open) Open rear door and tilt seat out of the floor, lock back into place.  Pull down lumbar cushion and secure it into place.


Rear Seats-  (Close) Open rear door unlatch lumbar cushion and fold it upward and secure it with strap.  Unlock seat back, push forward and allow it to drop into the floor. 


Warning Lights: As with any company vehicle RED = BAD / SHUT DOWN CALL FOR HELP

Dash Panel:  Displays speed, fuel level, warning lights, mode lights, trip odometer etc. 

Parking Brake:  Left of steering wheel (Lever with push button)

Door Handles:  Inside door at the top, pull / squeeze to open.

Fuel access:  Inside the passenger side door. 

Fuel:  90 Octane Gasoline or higher, no Ethanol if available

Battery access:  Under bench seat cushion.  (Do not jump start with this UTV)

Winch:  Switch located on dash  IN/OUT (Remote cord in glove box)

Honda recommended COLD pressure levels:
Front: 10 PSI (70 kPa), Under heavy load maintain 10 PSI in front tires. 
Rear: 12 PSI (80 kPa), Under heavy load maxim 18 PSI (120 kPa) 

Safe Operation: Refer to vehicle placards and company SOP/SOG  "ATV Operation"

This vehicle has no staff serviceable parts,  call an officer for assistance. 

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